Megan Markles Wedding Flowers

When Designing Wedding Flowers, there are many elements I consider and work on so together we can truly reflect the Style of Each Bride. If its a very small Wedding or an elabroate Wedding , the approach is the same , carefully looking for  attention to detail we can collabroate on and Pick up on .

The Invitation is something that gives the first Impression of the Style and tone of the Wedding  to the Guests ,.


Megan and Harry's  invitations were produced by Barnard & Westwood, which has held the "Royal Warrant for Printing & Bookbinding by Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen" since 1985.

Die-stamped in gold and then burnished, the invitation features The Three Feather Badge of The Prince of Wales. They also reveal that the dress code is Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit, or Day Dress with Hat.


For Megans Flowers , based on what we know so far I would see in her being so very Stunning and  Spectacular in the Simplicity of Flowers herself and the Lovely Florist Phillipa Craddock come up with , The foilage Selection is as important as the flowers at times , together they give an uncomplicated, Elegant Style, for the Finihsing Touch .  I think maybe the lovely Local  Grown English David Austin Roses might be a  major Player in her Wedding Flowers , they are truly an exceptional Rose to use for Wedding Work for this Type of Elegant Style and I use them were possible, they have the gentle scent and layers of precious petals on their heads , some of their Colours are beautiul, the 'Kiera' has a hint of soft pink to its ivory Petals or the 'Juliet' has the gentle peach tones ....  but then maybe not .. its difficut to say some flowers are traditional for a Royal, the Lily of the Valley being the one used in every bouquet since Queen Victoria's Wedding Posy - and it is a bouquet resevered for the Royals as the tiny thin Stems are needed in their 100's to create a Bridal Bouquet ..... Enjoy the Wedding ..The Style won't Dissappoint us  that I am sure of ....


We  sometimes use David Austin Roses in our Flower Boxes , and have a nte in description of what flowers we have used in each one on our Products page.

Megan Markles Wedding Flowers